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Reasons To Use A Cats-Only Sitter


Kitty Amour is committed to providing a cats-only specialized service that attracts genuine cat lovers.

We say nothing is too good for your cats!

Our clients are very pleased to learn about us because we dedicate ourselves to pampering and caring for cats.  By favoring a cats-only sitter, you can be sure to get someone who is a big cat lover who can deliver contentment to your cats and priceless relief to you.  We will indulge your cats and do whatever it takes to make sure they are contented and healthy in your absence.  Our purpose is to ensure your cats obtain the finest in-home care by helping them feel as secure and at ease as possible while you are away.

Some people think that cats need less care than dogs because there is a misunderstanding that cats are independent and do not care if someone is there.  We understand cats are clever, endearing, curious observers who deserve tender loving care and special attention.  Cats are finicky and in order to stay happy, they prefer fresh water and food, meticulously clean litter boxes at all times, their own familiar home, and some level of companionship. 

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