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To arrange for our cat care, please get in touch with us by phone or email at least five business days prior to your departure.  We will schedule a free initial consultation in your home so we may meet you and get acquainted with your cats.

During this meeting, we will discuss your individual requirements and requests while obtaining specific instructions.  This will guarantee that we provide your cats with our premium nurturing treatment while you are away. 

After we complete a thorough Instruction Sheet, you will read and we both will sign the contract, and you will provide two sets of keys.

Rates are based on a minimum 35-minute visit.  Our typical charge is $25 per visit within a 15-minute drive.  Longer travel time is $5 more per visit per 10 minutes of driving time to your home  (e.g. $30 per visit if your home is 16 - 25 minutes away or $35 per visit if your home is 26 - 35 minutes away).  No additional fees for mileage or tolls. 

Payment is due when services are contracted.  Kitty Amour accepts payment by check or cash.

We feel that cats do better psychologically and physically with a minimum of one visit per day while you are away.  Our primary purpose is to ensure that your cat(s) receive the very best care and attention and therefore, we do not recommend every-other-day visits.  Whether a cat lives in a single-cat household or a multiple-cat home, our experience has been that even the shy ones crave human interaction and should have at least one visit per twenty-four hours.  For clients who request every-other-day visits, these cat sitting assignments will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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