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So many of our clients are away for vacation, business, and unexpected emergencies, or work long days, it makes perfect sense to provide these unique services for them.

Kitty Amour understands you need exceptional services of the highest quality. 
We will take optimum care of your cats and home and treat them as if they were our own.
We personalize our superior services to satisfy each client's high expectations. 
Within a minimum 35-minute visit, you may expect one-on-one attention for your cats from the same reliable cat sitter in addition to the following: 

Essential Pet Care:

Ensure all cats are accounted for.

Provide fresh water and food, including special diets.

Administer medications.

Give treats, if they are allowed.

Clean up any "accidents."

Scoop litter box(es) thoroughly.

Keep all cat areas meticulously clean and swept.

Email, leave written detailed notes, and/or call you to recount your cats' behaviors and moods during every visit. 

Ultra Cat Care:

Aspire to connect with each cat on a level of friendship and affection.

Offer your cats nurturing and attention. 

Give lots of cuddling, playtime, & comfort (matched to suit each cat's individuality).

Interact and talk with your cats.

Brush your cats, if they like it.

Household Care:

Alternate lights and blinds to give your home a lived-in look.

Bring in mail, flyers, packages, and newspapers.

Secure the premises by operating security systems plus checking doors and windows.

Water indoor & outdoor plants, if requested.

Set out garbage or recycling, if requested.

Additional Care:

Insulin and subcutaneous fluid injections (depending on your location).

Overnight stays.

Look after other small pets (and will provide referrals for dog care).

Cat Taxi Service to your veterinarian or groomer.

Ask about our Customized Commuter Care Program!

Customizable Cat and Home Sitting

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