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Satisfied Clients
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Client Testimonials  All details are always kept in strictest confidence and will never be shared because we maintain discreet and total confidentiality of our clients' households.
Letters From Satisfied Clients:
"My cat, J., seemed much happier when I returned home because of the great care you provided him!  Kitty Amour was very thorough and exact with my directions.  His feeding and litter box areas were meticulously clean.  I enjoyed coming home and reading all about what J. did while I was gone!  I am grateful to have found a cats-only sitter who also happens to be thoughtful and professional.  I would not trust his care to anyone but you.  Sincerely, N.S."
"I have used Kitty Amour on a few occasions in 2002.  You genuinely care for my cat, B., and I feel comfortable having you take care of my house, too.  You follow my instructions conscientiously and everything is in order when I return home.  With the daily notes, I do not miss out on B's antics.  I will definitely use Kitty Amour again and I recommend your service without reservation.  Thank you, P.M."
"Kitty Amour has taken care of my cat, C., and house on a few occassions, most notably during a two-week vacation.  I am happy to vouch for your excellence as a cat and house sitter!  While I was away, you noticed my hot water heater leaking and contacted me to find out what I wanted to do.  I am thankful that you made yourself available and coordinated your schedule with that of the repairman's.  You also took great care of my gardens by watering them and maintaining my pool.  C. took quite a liking to you and I could tell upon my return that she was all the better for having your company, as opposed to going to a kennel or having a relative look in on her less often.  You made my cat's care convenient and worry-free for me!  I would not hesitate to use Kitty Amour again and I feel comfortable recommending this service for others' cats.  Knowing you were taking care of my cat and home made going away easier for C. and me because I knew she would be safe and spoiled.  Sincerely, J.W."
We value our clients' opinions and ask they participate in our Cat Sitter Evaluation Form & Client Satisfaction Survey at the completion of our services.  Participating clients have ranked our cat and home sitting services as "outstanding."  We are proud that their testimonials express they would "use our services again," and would "recommend our services to others."
Comments From Cat Sitter Evaluation Forms & Client Satisfaction Surveys:
"Thank you for the tremendous care of S., P., and my neighborhood kitty colony.  It was so comforting leaving on vacation with such a good, warm feeling that I did not have to worry that the kitties' needs would not be met.  I appreciated the personalization for each kitty.  The notes, pictures, and emails were just incredible.  I cannot imagine anything better!  Thank you for everything! -D.D."
"Thank you for accomodating last minute medication changes and the commentary on conditions and behaviors.  I felt confident that I would be notified if there was a problem and for the first time, did not dwell on being away from my fur babies.  I am looking forward to working with you again. -J.A."
"My cats were more relaxed and content than they have ever been when I was away!  I appreciated the total professionalism, yet obvious warmth and caring!!  I am thrilled with Kitty Amour! -M.S."
"Thank you so much.  Your services are great.  I can't express to you how great it was for me to meet you!  I will definitely use you in the future.  The best part was I felt comfortable about going away and leaving the cats.  The notes left were great - I loved hearing how the cats behaved with someone else. -H.D."
"I really appreciate the professionalism and the true love of cats.  I have never seen C. so well-adjusted after an absence and T. got great care.  Thank you so much. -R.S."
"I appreciated the attention you gave to each cat and the time you spent learning about each cat's likes and dislikes; detailed notes and phone messages on the status of the cats; and your knowledge and love of cats.  I could not ask for better care! -K.W."
"Loved the photos.  Michele was friendly, sincere, and truly loves her work.  It was a pleasure having her in my home. -M.S."
"I liked the way you are with animals, your daily notes, and advise. -M.D."
"You were professional and took a lot of time to be with my "trio."  They were in great shape when I returned - not needy as they had a lot of attention while I was away. -A.W."
"We appreciated the time and attention given to our kitties plus the pictures and updates were great!  Thank you again for everything!  We loved the daily visits you recorded for us (I already got a chuckle out of some!!!).  The kitties thank you - how thoughtful!  Thanks for the emails and photos - we felt so comfortable having you take care of them. -N.R."
"I liked that you were so detailed in your voicemail to me and the notes you left.  With P. being so old, it really helped. -A.M."
"Thank you so much for taking such excellent care of my gang.  And I can't tell you how grateful I am for you alerting me about the cancelled flight - it saved me a lot of hassles! - M.S."
"I appreciated your comprehensive services (excellent website, emailed articles, etc.) plus great communication.  Thanks for treating our indoor and outdoor kitties like royalty.  So glad we chose Kitty Amour! - J.K."
"What I liked most about your services - EVERYTHING!!  Michele is so sweet and I know my kitties are being well cared for in my absence.  Thank you so much!  At least I can go away and know my cats are OK.  I do not think there is one thing you could improve!  You have everything covered. -P.D."
"We loved the report card you left us and the toy was sweet! - D.B."
"Our boys were happy and comfortable - thank you for taking such good care of them!!  They thank you, too! - C.R."
"The cats were happy and the house was clean when we returned.  I enjoyed reading the daily notes. -J.B."
"Michele kept in communication with me and told me about each kitty.  She really spends time to get to know each cat which brought me peace of mind. -G.P."
"I appreciated the comfort of knowing a true cat lover would be caring for our cats as well as I would!  Thank you for all you did! -R.S."
"We love the daily notes that keep us filled in on what our cats are up to.  Very important in monitoring their health, too. -P.K."
"Cat sitting services provided were great.  Our cat enjoys the playtime.  Having mail and papers taken in gives house a lived-in look.  Thank you for emailing notes and cat photos, too, during our trip. -N.M."
"I appreciated the detailed reports and your knowledge of cats & how to help them adjust (to moving into a new home).  Your services are great - they exceeded my expectations. -B.H."
"When I returned home the cats were happy and they treated us as if we were gone for only a day.  This is a very good indication that they were happy with your daily visits!!!  Thanks so much and the cats send you hugs and kisses. -R.S."
"I am glad you took such good care of L.  Thanks - again! -J.D."
"I thank you so much for taking extremely good care of my cats.  I had not a worry in the world, even though S. needed his insulin.  You are very thoughtful and kind to animals, I believe I have made a friend.  Thank you so much!! -K.M."
"I love the daily notes and coming home to find happy cats.  I cannot think of any suggestions as you have everything covered. -P.S."
"You're a great influence - they have never purred for me before! -A.M."
"Thanks again for all your help!  We were truly delighted with your service.  I appreciated the care of our six kittens and MomCat.  They received the gentle care we had hoped for from a sitter.  Your services were purr-fect for us!  We were so lucky to find your services! -G.M."
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